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​Medicaid Basics

​Medicaid is a medical welfare program administered by the state through combined federal and state funding. Specific income and asset thresholds must be met in order to qualify for Medicaid. This program should not be confused with Medicare, (Read...)

The Truth About Trusts

For many years, living trusts have been an invaluable estate planning tool for clients to accomplish a variety of goals. One primary goal often accomplished was probate avoidance. Assets titled in trust pass directly to the beneficiaries and therefore avoid probate. (Read...)

​Getting Paid in a Tough Economy—The Value of Mechanic’s Liens

The law of mechanic’s liens in Ohio has very little to do with the traditional definition of “mechanic”, though historically this term has been used to describe liens filed against real estate where the lien holder has provided services or materials in the process of improving the property. (Read...)

​Estate Planning with Asset Ownership

Perhaps the single most important aspect of estate planning is assuring that assets are properly titled. The desire to avoid probate can be accomplished simply with the proper asset ownership structure, which in turn effectively operates as an individual’s disposition mechanism of his or her assets upon death. (Read...)

Who Will Handle Your Title Insurance ?

Maybe you are selling your home or a commercial piece of property. Maybe you are refin-ancing your mortgage or obtaining a business line of credit that will be secured by real estate. (Read...)

Implementing The Estate Plan: Asset Ownership Structure

Ownership of assets can be characterized as “probate” or “nonprobate”. Those assets characterized as probate assets will be transferred to the appropriate beneficiary upon an individual’s death pursuant to such individual’s Last Will and Testament, or by the laws of intestate succession. (Read...) 

How to Hold Title to your Commercial Real Estate

If you own commercial real estate or are contemplating purchasing commercial real estate sometime in the future, you may want to consider establishing a limited liability company to own the property. (Read...)

Avoid Probate... While Living Too

People adamantly convey their desire to “avoid probate” upon their passing. However, most people never think about encountering probate during their lifetime. (Read...)

Protect Your Trade Secret and Confidential Information

Virtually every company has a valuable component with respect to its operation. It may be a major customer, a key employee, a process or even a particular marketing method for its products or services. (Read...)

Businesses Should Ensure That Their Corporate Records are Maintained and Up to Date

In accordance with state law, shareholders and board of directors of Ohio corporations are required to conduct meetings at least annually. (Read...) 

Bankruptcy from a Creditor’s Perspective

Much has been publicized concerning the number of business bankruptcies filed in recent years. (Read...) 

​Overtime and the FLSA: How Employers Can Comply

More than 80 million American workers are currently entitled to overtime compensation under federal law. (Read...)

Include Funeral/Burial in Estate Plan

An often overlooked part of the estate planning process is the consideration of funeral and burial instructions. (Read...) 

Ohio Bar Articles

Administering an Estate Without a Will - ​What does it mean when someone dies “intestate”? (Read...)

BankruptcyIndividuals and businesses use bankruptcy as a way to obtain relief from debts owed to creditors. (Read...)

​Buying a HomeWhat should I watch for when buying a home? (Read...)

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) OrdersIn Ohio there are several legally recognized ways for you to give doctors and other health care providers instructions about the medical treatment you wish to receive (or do not wish to receive)—before you actually need the care. (Read...)

Financial Powers of AttorneyFinancial powers of attorney are important legal documents that many people use to help handle their financial affairs when they are unable to do so. (Read...)

GuardianshipsWhat is a guardian? (Read...)

​Living TrustsWhat is a living trust? (Read...)

Living Wills and Health Care Powers of Attorney What is a living will declaration? (Read...)

Ohio’s Credit Laws - Signing a credit purchase slip or other sales contract can have major legal consequences, creating rights and liabilities for you and others. (Read...)

​Probate - What is probate? (Read...)

​Wills - What is a will? (Read...) 

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